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Accommodation Packages (when selected with conference registration) are available with a special room rate at Hotel name. For more details, please contact the organizer.

The Hotel staff will only provide general information about the hotel and guest rooms; and are not responsible for any specific details about the conference. Guest room confirmation numbers will be provided to the registrants periodically on successful completion of the registration and accommodation bookings.

Note 1: Please mention the organizer "Global Episteme" along with the conference name, if you wish to contact hotel reception.

Note 2: Accommodation Package only includes the room rent charges and rest all incidentals would be charged extra. The complimentary packages are valid only on the event dates.

Note 3: Complimentary Wi-Fi and Breakfast

About Rome

Rome, the “Eternal City,” brims with ancient history, from the Colosseum to the port of Ostia Antica to majestic Vatican City and the Sistine Chapel. Because of its history, art, architecture, and beauty – and perhaps its gelato and pasta! ... Modern Rome has 280 fountains and more than 900 churches.

Rome's 2021 population is now estimated at 4,278,350. In 1950, the population of Rome was 1,884,065. Rome has grown by 21,294 since 2015, which represents a 0.50% annual change. These population estimates and projections come from the latest revision of the UN World Urbanization Prospects. These estimates represent the Urban agglomeration of Rome, which typically includes Rome's population in addition to adjacent suburban areas.


The Michelangelo Artwork

The Vatican (which sits snug in the confines of Rome) is bursting with works by Michelangelo. The ceiling of the Sistine Chapel is doused in his colorful artwork, while the sculpture of Pieta sits pretty nearby.

As well as these, you can also see his sculptures of Christ the Redeemer and Moses elsewhere in the city.

The Food

Italian food is renowned for being delicious, but Rome boasts some of the most delectable dishes in the country. Roman artichokes are a firm favourite by locals and tourists alike, while the world-famous spaghetti alla carbonara was born in this wonderful city.

The Mild Climate

Thanks to its location, Rome enjoys a particularly mild climate throughout the year. In the summer months it is gloriously warm, but it’s also extremely pleasant in the winter months, too. This means you can enjoy the sights at any time of the year and feel comfortable venturing there in low-season.

The Stunning Views

The city itself was founded on Seven Hills, many of which boast incredible views over Rome and its surroundings. For the ultimate hilltop experience, watch the sunset over the ruins of the city.

The Fountains

The central Trevi Fountain is one of the most famous fountains in the world. Tourists gather around its impressive carvings every single day to throw coins into the clear water and make a wish.

But it’s not just the Trevi Fountain that promises a showy display of water and statues. In fact, Rome has a lot of access to water thanks to the Roman aqueducts, and the Popes of the Renaissance and Baroque eras tried to outdo each other with the fanciest fountains, many of which you can still see around the city today.