Organizing Committee Members

Luisa Maria Arvide Cambra

University of Almeria, Spain

Luisa Maria Arvide Cambra, Spanish is now Professor with Chair at the University of Almería (Spain) and she was Assistant Professor and Associate Professor at the University of Granada from 1979 on. Forty nine years of the teaching and researching experience. She is the Director of Research Group HUM113-Estudios Filológicos from Program of Research of Andalusian Government, where she has managed and directed several academic and scientific contracts and research projects, as well as a Member of European Scientific Institute (ESI) Team, Athens Institute for Education & Research (ATINER) in Greece, The Academic Genesis Platform (UAGP) in UK&Turkey and Experts of Academic Excellence Research Centre (EAERC) in Jordan; GI Social Sciences Forum (GISSF), in Malaysia; Akademica Nusa International Association of Social Sciences and Humanities, in UAE; Science Research Association (SCIREA); Academic Fora; Foundation for Social Sciences and Education Research (FSSER); etc. She is author of a many works on several aspects of the Arabic science and literature in the Middle Ages, as well as Arabic language and linguistics. She has also participated in different prestigious international scientific Conferences. She has visited a many universities and academic institutions of Europe, United States and Arab countries in order to teach and research.

Baher Effat

National Research Centre, Egypt

Baher Effat is a Research Professor of Food and Dairy Microbiology, National Research Centre, Egypt. Over 36 years of experience in Food and Dairy Bacteriology, he shared and supervised over than 6 Master and Ph.D Thesis in Food and Dairy sciences and more than 62 scientific publications in food and dairy microbiology, functional dairy products , probiotics and propionic acid bacteria and pathogenic bacteria and in Food and Dairy Products. He has shared in national and international programs and projects. He joined many international conferences and workshop, in addition to scientific activities. In addition he awarded for CAS-TWAS Visiting Scholar Fellowship From 03 Aug., 2006 to 31 October 2006.Training of young researchers and lecturers on many science-related subjects; including courses for: Microbiological Analysis of Food, Control of Bacteria, Contamination during Food Process and Isolation and Identification of Microorganisms. He is a member of the Editorial Board of several international journals. He also served as a member of the Organizing Committee in International Congresses.

Ahmed G Hegazi

National Research Centre, Egypt

Dr Ahmed G. Hegazi is working as a professor of Microbiology & Immunology at National Research Center, Dept. Zoonotic Diseases from 2004. He also has work experience as prestigious chair in Dept. of Parasitology, National Research Center. He received many awards like Senior Scientist Prize of National Research Center (1996), National Scientific Prize in Biological Sciences (1990), The Second-Best Research Paper Award from International Congress of propolis, Bones Aires, Argentina (2000) and many more. He Conducted training courses on Clinical Microbiology, National Research Center in 1979. Awarded 2 Bronze medals from “The International Innovation Fair of the Middle East”, 23th - 26th October, 2007, Kuwait. Awarded of Ghazi Wad Allah Salon Prize, 2008 and Awarded the Merit Aware of Medical Sciences, The National Research Center, 2016. He has 230 articles in national and international scientific journals. He has six patents.

Baojun (Bruce) Xu

United International College, China

Dr Xu is a Full Professor in Beijing Normal University-Hong Kong Baptist University United International College (UIC, a full English teaching college in China), Zhuhai Scholar Distinguished Professor, Program Director of Food Science and Technology Program, Associate Director of UIC Key Lab -Laboratory for Health Promotion Mechanism of Medicinal Food and Folk Remedy, author of 190 peer-reviewed papers. He received Ph.D in Food Science from Chungnam National University, South Korea. He conducted postdoctoral research work in North Dakota State University (NDSU), Purdue University, and Gerald P. Murphy Cancer Foundation in USA during 2005-2009. He did short-term (two months) visiting research in NDSU in 2012, and University Georgia in 2014, and followed by visiting research during his sabbatical leave (7 months) in Pennsylvania State University in USA in 2016. He is serving as Associate Editor-in-Chief of Food Science and Human Wellness, Co-Editor of The Open Bioactive Compounds Journal, and Guest Editor for special issues of Antioxidants and International Journal of Molecular Sciences, the Editorial Board member of around 20 international journals. He received inaugural President’s Award for Research of UIC in 2016.

Sreenivasan Sasidharan

Institute for Research in Molecular Medicine, Malaysia

Sreenivasan Sasidharan has completed his PhD from Universiti Sains Malaysia in 2007. He is the Associate Professor and currently serve as deputy director at Institute for Research in Molecular Medicine. He has over 170 publications with total impact factor of 180 (With more than 2500 citation (Scopus)), multiple book chapters, significant grant support, and over 70 posters/abstracts at national and international meetings as well as Organizer, Keynote, Invited Speaker and chair of International & National Congresses. Has been serving as an Editorial Board Member and Reviewer of international journals and grants. He reviewed more than 300 (publons) manuscripts for international journal. His research interests include medicinal plants and their role as a future green therapy, apoptotic anticancer activity by regulation of miRNA, molecular mechanisms of antioxidant against oxidative stress, antimicrobial activity against resistant microbes, isolations and identification of phytochemicals, combination therapy and animal model research to verify the efficacy of medicinal plants. He also graduated more than 15 post graduate student as main supervisor.